underneath The Wise Turtle (turil) wrote in bpdisorder,
underneath The Wise Turtle

The cure...

The answer to all my problems - seriously, ALL of them - has turned out to be:

1. Pay more attention to getting high quality food, water, air, warmth, and sunlight in my life.

2. Make sure to find at least a couple of communities/outlets/spaces where I am free (and sometimes even welcome) to express myself freely, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, when I need to.

3. Accept reality. Not necessarily love it. But NOT fight against it, so that I'm at least operating in reality (including messy and "annoying" natural human behavior), and so that I have a chance to at least change my own behavior and/or approach to better avoid problems in the future.

Really, those are the only things I've seen that work to help be heal. Everything else is just a workaround, at best, or harmful, at worst. But focusing on my physical health (good stuff in = good stuff out!), and respecting my need to detoxify in whatever way I need to, and bringing myself back to reality by recognizing that whatever happened happened for a REASON, and that nothing else could possibly have happened, given the very specific circumstances of the universe at the time, has allowed me to get past pretty much every problem I've had recently.

I'd love to hear from others who are using this simple (but not necessarily easy to do in this world) approach. How does eating healthier food, and getting more fresh air and sunlight helped you? How useful is it to you to have places to vent? How has "radical acceptance" (as the DBT folks call it) helped you get more good stuff out of your life?
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