4nimalcrackers (4nimalcrackers) wrote in bpdisorder,

hey... new here... who cares

hey... guess i'll join another community i probably will never post to.

i was diagnosed with bpd many years ago after i slashed the crap out of myself because it's the only thing i can do to help my anger. whoopie.

guess my pysch was right.

so hi there. i'll talk more later. i'm in a horrible "flare" right now of this. not generally good to talk right now, i guess... just wanted to introduce myself.

hmm... i'm a 28-year-old cartoonist and an artist living in southern indiana. i'm an aspiring novelist, though, and i also decided to get a career in physical therapy until i hit that bestseller list. *snark* i'm moody as all get out (aren't we all) and live in indiana. i'm miserable in my current home with my roommates and am looking forward to moving back up to northern indiana to be around my family. right now, i work at arby's... which is reason enough to slice myself up at night. pfft... trying to get a new job at a bookstore or library or some place relating to books. i also love to do foster and rescue work for animals.

so... there we go. peace...
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