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the bpd sufferer
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Hi everyone. I had a little spare time, and I thought that perhaps I should set something like this up on LJ for other people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.

The idea here is to post about your experiances, ups and downs, ask questions, and generally be yourself. My hope is that if enough of us get together and start to do this, that perhaps we will see that we arn't alone, and that there is hope for living a good, full life with BPD.

If you're not borderline, but are close to someone who is, this also might be a good place for you to come post and share experiances. The rest of us might be able to help you understand what your borderline can't express.

For all of us, the ups and downs are difficult, and everyday life can sometimes be unbearable. My intention with this community is to give people like me a haven from these difficulties.

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