underneath The Wise Turtle (turil) wrote in bpdisorder,
underneath The Wise Turtle

A little off topic, but can anyone help me identify something?

Is there a name for the type of personality that feels the need to control other people's lives. You know, the type that tells their partner where they can go and with whom and what they can wear and such?

My husband, who's Borderline and has been in one of his pushing me away modes for several years (but which I have at least been able to translate properly, rather than thinking he's just a jerk :-), seems to have gotten sucked into a relationship with someone like this. It might be related to the Dominant/Submissive BDSM thing, because I know he's never felt especially positive about himself and doesn't have confidence in himself, which leads to identity issues, so it makes sense that he would let this other woman tell him who to be. But I don't have a clue about this particular set of mental illness issues, and don't know how to even begin to think about it, or research it. And I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this type of person.
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